Pastor Pedro teaches on Wisdom and Understanding “


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Pastor Billy – Living above your circumstancePastor Billy reminds us to Live above your circumstances and to go by faith not by feelings.

Brother Ronnie – Be RedeemedBrother Ronnie teaches us to be faithfull, be obedient, and be redeemed from the curse of sin.

Pastor Billy – Dwell in UnityPastor Billy teaches us that the church should dwell in unity with one mind and in one accord.

Pastor Dorothy – Gods Promises and Provisions Pastor Dorothy reminds us that each of Gods promises has a provision and to recieve the promise you must meet the provision.

Sister Mary Sings High Upon That Mountain Sister Mary praises the Lord and blesses the congregation at Bethel with the song High Upon That Mountain.

Sister Beverly Tyler sings Get Up In Jesus Name Sister Beverly Tyler blesses the congregation at Bethel with the song Get Up in Jesus Name.

Pastor Billy – Dwell In Unity Pastor Billy reminds us that we all worship the same God and we all recieve salvation in Jesus Christ, We are one body and we are stronger when we dwell in unity.

Pastor Billy – Resist The Devil Pastor Billy reminds us that we are to resist the devil and we will flee from us, we are to stand up to the enemy and be offensive not defensive

Brother Ron Cherry – Outreach Report Brother Ron Cherry the outreach pastor at Bethel gives a report on the outreach ministry and inspires the church to get the word out, and save souls.

Pastor Dorothy – Does Not Nature Teach Us Pastor Dorothy shows us that nature relies on God, and we can learn from nature about faith, and a life in Christ.

Pastor Billy – Take No Thought Pastor Billy continues his preaching on faith with the topic ” Take No Thought ” reminding us that God knows what we need, we need only to recieve.

Pastor Billy – Overcoming Your Adversary Pastor Billy gives us tips on overcoming our adversary the devil, and living a life of victory

Pastor Dorothy – Foundations of our Faith Pastor Dorothy gets back to basics as she teaches on the basic Foundations of our faith, and that which supports us and lifts us up as we grow in Christ.

Pastor Dorthy – Believe and Rejoice Pastor Dorothy reminds us that when we have a need we only have to Believe and Rejoice as God will meet our needs

Pastor Dorothy – The Church That Jesus Loves Pastor Dorothy talks about the resurrection of the church that Jesus Loves.

Brother David Skinner visits Bethel Pt1 Part One of a powerful sermon by David Skinner on his visit to Bethel to bring a special message and word from the Lord

Brother David Skinner visits Bethel Pt 2 The conclusion of the sermon from David Skinner when he came to Bethel with a special message and a word from the Lord.

Pastor Mary Mercado Visits Bethel Pastor Mary Macado from Harvest Time Assembly of God in Somerset Kentucky visits Bethel Family Worship Center in Lafayette, Tennessee with a special word from the Lord ” Work with what you have ”

Brother Henry Testimony Brother Henry who as an inmate worked in the Bethel Food Ministry upon his release returns to share his testimony with the church.

Brother Shane Testimony Brother Shane shares his testimony of a life on the streets and in jail to a life in Christ, sharing the gospel to all he meets.

Brother Dan Swords Brother Dan Swords visits Bethel with a powerful and important message and word from the Lord.

Pastor Dorothy – The Temple Pastor Dorothy teaches on the temple and how it relates to Christians today

Pastor Dorothy – Prophecy Pastor Dorothy teaches on prophecy.

Pastor Dorothy Mothers Day 2013 Pastor Dorothys Mothers Day Sermon ( 2013 )

Sister Mary – Medals for Mothers On Mothers Day 2013 Sister Mary sings a special song for our mothers.

Sister Beverly – Blood Bought Church Sister Beverly Tyler with the song ” Blood Bought Church ”

Pastor Bill and Angie Visit Bethel Pastors Bill and Angie return to Bethel to join in fellowship, praise, and worship and bring encouragement and a word.

Sister Beth sings and shares Sister Beth visits Bethel and sings, shares, and joins in the fellowship and worship.

Elvis and Diane Harrison – Won’t Take Nothing For My Journey Now Elvis and Diane Harrison visit Bethel for a night of Praise and Worship here they sing Won’t Take Nothing For My Journey Now more of there visit is on our youtube page click on the link at the top of this page.

Visit by Pastor Brian Armstrong Pastor Brain Armstrong of World of Pentecost church visits Bethel Family Worship Center in Lafayette Tennessee with his praise team and brings a message from the Lord

Bethel Mobile Pantry In addition to its monthly food distribution Bethel does a Mobile Pantry several times a year, the food ministry is one of the primary ministries for Bethel reaching out into the community, across the nation, and into other countries.

Testimony of Evangelist Danny Vangundy Danny Vangundy testimony on how after an overdose and finding himself in hell, God saved him, restored him.

Testimony of Danny Vangundy Part 2 Part 2 of the powerfull testimony of Evangelist Danny Vangundy

Conclusion of Danny Vangundy Conclusion of the powerfull testimony of Evangelist Danny Vangundy

Pastor Don Swarthout and CRAVE Ministries Pastor Don Swarthout of CRAVE ( Chrisitians Reviving American Values ) visits Bethel with a word for all Americans.

Pastor Dorothy – Cloud of Witnesses Pastor Dorothy talks about a cloud of witnesses both to the ressurection of Jesus Christ but also our own testimony

Pastor Al Simmons Bible Study Pastor Al Simmons of Myrtle Beach, S.C. brings a special bible study during his visit to Bethel.

Pastor Enrique of the Spanish Community Pastor Enrique and his church from the Mexican Community visit Bethel to join in praise and worship showing despite language barriers and cultural differences we are one body in Christ.

Brother Jamie Ruiz Brother Jamie Ruiz brings a special word from the Lord about ” Breaking Chains ”

Evangelist / Singer Terry Tripp – Salvation For Your Family Evangelist Terry Tripp vists Bethel with a message of receiving salvation for your family

Pastor Al Simmons – Generational CursesPastor Al Simmons of Greater Works of Jesus Ministries preaches on Generational Curses.

Ron and Beverly Tyler – Christian character Ron and Beverly Tyler teach on the importance of ” Christian Character” and keeping our witness and Testimony

Bethel Mission Trip to Millstone, Kentucky Several times a year Bethel takes food, clothes, and other supplies to Millstone,Kentucky ( Applachian Mountains ) to the mining families who have such a great need.

The Bethel Food ministry reaches out to the community on a mnnthly basis. They also send food to other ministries as well as Mexico, and as part of our misssions to Millstone, Kentucky.


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